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The telephone answering service's managing director David Jones with Father and director Nigel Jones
(Managing Director David Jones with Nigel Jones)

About Us

About Frontline and Our Call Answering Services

Frontline was established in 1999 and over the years we have acquired a well deserved reputation for reliability and efficiency. From small beginnings, Frontline has grown slowly and steadily to become the high tech business it is today. It is hard to believe that when we started every message was written down, recorded on little slips of paper and filed manually. A far cry from the paper free office we run today.

The atmosphere in the office is friendly and there is an air of unhurried, quiet efficiency. Each work station is comfortable and well equipped so that our staff have everything they need close at hand.

Based on the south coast, half way between Portsmouth and Southampton, with excellent links to the M27, our new offices are well equipped with state of the art technology. Most importantly our staff are extremely well trained.

We have our own Training Department and the staff work hard to ensure that our Managers, Team Leaders and Customer Service Staff receive ongoing 'in house' training as well as being sponsored to take nationally recognised qualifications.

Once a client makes the decision to use Frontline (which by the way, is one of the best decisions they could ever make) our Client Services Staff work closely with the new Client to set things up and get them started as quickly as possible. Many new Clients find this help and guidance invaluable. Our experience and knowledge helps our Clients to get things right first time, quickly and efficiently and by the most cost effective route!

All our Customer Services Staff receive training on every new Client Script; we think this is unique in our industry. It does pay dividends, as our clients benefit from having well trained knowledgeable staff dealing with their Clients.

The Future

Our vision is to keep growing but at a rate that we can cope with. 'Slow but sure' are our watchwords. It's no use expanding too quickly. Experience shows that services and customers suffer with raging expansion. That doesn't mean we're not ambitious, we just feel that we should put our customers first.

You’re welcome to visit us if you wish. In fact we positively encourage clients and potential clients to pop in. We believe that when a potential client has seen our operation they won’t want to go anywhere else.    

Crunching numbers! Financial director Tricia Jones with Managing Director David
(David Jones with Financial Director Trish Jones)
Frontline Telephone Answering Service are pround to be Investors in People
Frontline Communications Group Ltd. Registered Office: 2 The Belfry, 4400 Parkway, Whiteley, Hampshire PO15 7FJ. UK
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