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Professional Answering Service from Frontline

Creating the right first impression is vital for any business, regardless of industry, and can make the difference between securing custom and not. Many businesses complain that this can be time consuming and expensive - either training existing staff in telephone etiquette and customer service, or employing someone specifically to answer the telephone.

No matter how large or small your business, a call answering service can help to reduce costs and create greater efficiency without impacting upon performance or professionalism.

From the first time franchisee too busy to answer every call to the large scale operative looking to outsource its switchboard or cope with excessive demand or restructuring, call answering can be tailored to a range of specific requirements.

How Frontline Can Help

One of the public's great frustrations is to be confronted by automated messages or endless queues of piped music when all they really want is to hear a human voice. Employing a call answering service to ease the pressure will ensure that enquiries or business opportunities can be responded to by fully trained staff twenty four hours a day. Calls can be filtered, prioritised, forwarded or logged ensuring lines of communication are maintained no matter what the situation.

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