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Frequently Asked Questions
We pride our self’s in our customer service and we are now pleased to announce that getting in contact with us has never been easier.
If there’s anything you need or a service you can't find why not contact us by phone, email or via our new 'Live Help' option situated at the top left of the screen, this will connect you directly to one of our client service team.
Below are a list of our most frequently asked questions, feel free to have a read and if there’s anything else you need please contact us.
Remember we are here 24/7, 365 days a year!
Questions and Answers.
Q. How will you answer the calls that come in for my company?
A. We answer all calls according to the salutation requested by you.
Q. How will I know when I have received a call?
Your telephone answerig service and call handling queries explained
A. We can pass your details via many methods such as phone, SMS, email or any mixture of these as specified by you.
Q. How do I set the service up?
A. Once you have decided to use Frontline you will receive a "Generic Questions" form which needs to be completed. This will include such things     as company contact details, overview of the services your company provides, what information we need to gather, how and when you wish to     receive the call details, any further useful information you feel is helpful. If any form of rota or lists are needed we would require these and any     escalation procedures we will need to adhere to.
Q. Will my calls be answered by a qualified operator?
A. Yes. The only time trainees are used is for simple message taking whilst being trained
Q. How long is the contract?
A. We ask for only 1 months notice to terminate service. The service is a "Pay as you go" service.
Q. How do I pay for the service?
A. You will receive an invoice monthly at the beginning of the month. Our paper free Direct Debit billing service is our preferred method but we are      flexible.
Q. What happens if I have trouble un-diverting my line?
A. We will answer your phone any time it rings. We do NOT switch off the service. We can then ensure you do not miss any calls whilst you get the      issue resolved.
Q. Where are you based geographically?
A. We have one main call centre situated half way between Portsmouth and Southampton on the South coast of England.
Q. Do you outsource?
A. No we have never outsourced our contracts and never will. All our calls our answered from our call centre in Hampshire.
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