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Emergency Call Out and Escalation
The costs involved with running a 24 x 7 helpdesk are enormous; Manager on duty, trades people, technicians, engineers… and when they’re woken at three in the morning for a client whose 24x7 service agreement just ran out - you have an unhappy team!
What’s more, due to the EU work time directive, if your engineers are called out during the night or at weekend your staff in the office may not know who’ll be in for work or what happened whilst they were off.
That’s why it makes sense to outsource your emergency call out and escalation to Frontline. We take on all the responsibility of managing your team out of hours.
Frontline have 13 years experience in dealing with emergency calls from a wide variety of business sectors. On receiving an emergency call we can quickly and efficiently escalate calls to the appropriate person; if you have a specialist in a certain trade, discipline or region we can identify them and insure that the call is routed directly to them – be it via the phone, SMS, email or onto their PDA. Our Emergency call out service is 100% bespoke and is carefully designed specifically to your requirements.
Frontline operators are familiar with using third party systems. We can use your system to process details; searching for customers, updating jobs, logging calls against consecutive reference numbers and even giving callers the progress on an existing job.
Here when you need us… we specialise in out of hours emergency call outs and escalating your customers calls to your engineers
A typical scenario…
When the call is answered by a Frontline Operator your client is reassured by the friendly and alert response - 24 hours a day
Our advanced call handling software then guides the operator through a series of questions, logically presented ensuring that each is specific to the last and only relevant data is collected.
If you have a certain service level agreement relating to a particular product, property or service, our system will recognise this and point the operator in the direction of those specific requirements.
As your customer puts the phone down, reassured that an expert will be on their way, our operator starts the call out process. In this scenario the operator follows the procedure of sending an SMS immediately to the on duty team and awaits for their response
After 10 minutes, if the ‘on call’ team does not respond the Frontline operator receives a reminder alerting them. This prompts the escalation process.  
If the team does not answer the phone the operator initiates the escalation procedure. Calling various contact numbers until they can find someone to respond within the service level agreement.
Once the call has been passed to a member of your team the operator calls the customer to advise of an ETA and adds, ‘if you have any other questions or issues please don’t hesitate to call, we’re here 24 hours a day.
Once the job is completed the ‘on call’ team can advise the operator that the job is complete and that they are free for the next call.
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